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LOCAL Produce

Regional Abundance

It is our intention to find the best tasting and nourishing produce, meats, dairy, and other homegrown food products and beverages found within a 100-mile radius of Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL.

We will collaborate with local and regional farmers and food artisans to ensure the quality and integrity of their products and/or brands, connecting them with communities throughout our region.  

Our goal is to help build a resilient food economy and an internationally recognized foodshed that rivals some of the most cherished food regions from around the world.

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Beyond Harvest Partners

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Providing our customers with the highest quality, most sustainable products is our number one goal at Beyond Harvest. That's why we partner with the best farmers and suppliers in the region to guarantee value that goes beyond simple price points. 

We, along with our partners, strive to uphold the principle that fresh, local, responsibly sourced food should be available to everyone.